• Diversity and Equality in Physics (SYDE)
    symposium of the working groups on Equal Opportunities (AKC), young Leaders in Physics (AGyouLeaP) and the divisions SOE, TT, MA
    Fariba Karimi, Technical University Wien, Austria
    Agnes Sandner, Ihlow, Germany
    Philipp Hövel, Saarland University, Saarbrücken, Germany
  • Statistical Physics of Economic and Financial Systems (SYEF)
    Symposium of the divisions SOE, DY and the working group "Young DPG"
    Tobias Wand, University of Münster, Germany
    Martin Heßler, University of Münster, Germany
  • Emerging Materials for Renewable Energy Conversion (SYEM)
    Symposium of the divisions HL, O, DS, TT and MA
    Johanna Eichhorn, Technical University of Munich, Germany
    Jasnamol Palakkal, University of Göttingen, Germany
  • Advances in Ab-Initio Electronic Structure Theory of Time-Dependent and Non-Equilibrium Phenomena (SYES)
    Symposium of the divisions O, HL, KFM and DY
    Reinhard Maurer, University of Warwick, Great Britain
    Fabio Caruso, Kiel University, Germany
    Claudia Draxl, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany
  • Three-Dimensional Nanostructures: From Magnetism to Superconductivity (SYMS)
    Symposium of the divisions MA, TT and KFM
    Claire Donnelly, Max-Planck-Institute for Chemical Physics of Solids, Dresden, Germany
    Naëmi Leo, Technische Universität Wien, Austria
    Vladimir M. Fomin, Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden (IFW), Germany
  • New Trends in Nonequilibrium Physics: Conservation Laws and Nonreciprocal Interactions (SYNP)
    Symposium of the divisions DY, BP, CPP and SOE
    Markus Bär, Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), Berlin, Germany
    Carsten Beta, University of Potsdam, Germany
  • Quantum Communication: Promises or Reality? (SYQC)
    Symposium of the divisions HL, TT and QI
    Vikas Remesh, University of Innsbruck, Austria
    Tobias Heindel, Technische Universität Berlin, Germany
    Doris Reiter, TU Dortmund University, Germany
  • Entanglement in Quantum Information, Condensed Matter and Gravity (SYQI)
    Symposium of the divisions MP, QI and TT
    Johanna Erdmenger, Julius-Maximilians-Universität of Würzburg, Germany
    Guido Burkard, University of Konstanz, Germany
    Elke Scheer, University of Konstanz, Germany
  • Synergistic Imaging Techniques: From Spins and Atoms to Ferroic Domains (SYSA)
    Symposium of the divisions KFM, MM, O and MA
    Jan Schultheiß, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway
    Felix Büttner, University of Augsburg, Germany
  • SKM Dissertation Prize 2024 (SYSD)
    Sarah Köster, University of Göttingen, Germany